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Project Happiness LSMO

In 2016 during a heated Presidential election I was extremely frustrated to see our great nation so divided. It broke my heart to see people I knew and loved unable to rationally communicate about politics. I knew that soon my own street would be filled with signs that would only create additional division in a neighbor filled with folks I cared about. I realized then that we needed to create a campaign of our own to lift peoples spirits, fill their hearts with joy and bring a smile to their faces as they traveled down our busy street. Project Happiness was born! It has been more fun that I ever imagined. Our neighbors gathered to create signs with fun sayings. We placed them in every yard on our block. It immediately slowed folks down and placed smiles on their faces! It soon caught the attention of the local news and the local paper. It was working, we were spreading kindness and raising spirits! To this day our sign project continues to grow. Each time the signs are planted in yards across Lees Summit they delight drivers and catch the attention of many people in our community. Today we are raising funds to create even more signs and other kind acts across our community. Please help us make this world a better place.


Contact Project Happiness LSMO

Get in touch with Project Happiness LSMO to learn more about our work and how you can get involved. If you want a sign contact us here.

1020 NE Bristol Drive
Lees Summit MO 64086


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